Nonfiction Ghostwriting

My writing skill is a major reason that authors, agents, and editors contract my services. I was a writer before I became an editor, and I have an instinctive ability for conveying a writer’s raw material at the level of sophistication or plain speaking that a particular book needs for its market. If you have a partially written manuscript, I can smooth out the prose and then fill in the gaps as needed, often expanding the book extensively. I can “translate” technical material so that it becomes engaging prose that anyone can understand. I can work from raw transcripts, interviews, and research material. Although I have worked in a variety of fields, my specialities include: business, current events, health, narrative nonfiction, and true crime. With strong writing, even a challenging topic can become a rewarding read.

You’ll notice, on the right, that I have not displayed any titles of past work. That’s because discretion is a virtue for a ghostwriter. I don’t need credit for helping an author with a book. I just want you to be happy with the book that bears your name.

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