Recent Books

Good editing and writing do produce good results. During the 14 years I have been an independent editor, an annual average of 20 titles that I edited have been published, in both fiction and nonfiction categories.

Here is a list of books I edited that have been published within the past 12 months, including paperback editions, or are scheduled to be published:

Seeking Sarah
ReShonda Tate Billingsley
A Narrow Bridge
J.J. Gesher
Murder in the Courthouse
Nancy Grace
Warning Order
Joshua Hood
Dead Is Dead
John Lansing
Into a Dark Frontier
John Mangan

Published as Ebooks
The Thirteenth Disciple
Peter Canova
Confessions of a Celebrity Bodyguard
Thomas Fitzsimmons
Lost in Lumby
Gail Fraser
The Second Star
Jean Grant
The King’s Prophecy
Ricky Stahl

The Miracle Manager
Kevin G. Armstrong
Malinda Chouinard
The Imperiled Cutthroat
Greg French
A Temporary Refuge
Lee Spencer
Side by Side
T. J. Ray
Why Buddha Never Had Alzheimer's
Shuvendu Sen
The Divine Reality
Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Search and Rescue
Christopher Van Tilburg
How to Be a Great Boss
Gino Wickman
What the Heck is EOS?
Gino Wickman
Begin with the Past
Mabel O. Wilson

Published as Ebooks
Ann Arnold
Nam Moi: Tale of a Chinese Hakka Girl
Charlene Ung

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