John Paine

About John Paine

Experience counts when you are seeking advice about the book you are writing. For the first 15 years of my editing career, I was an in-house manuscript editor, otherwise known as a “book doctor.” I have worked with a wide variety of authors, from literary to commercial. A significant number of them have been New York Times bestselling authors. Many other authors are first-timers with talent to burn. A common question other editors and agents have often asked is: “Could you work your magic on this one?”

Since going independent, I have parlayed my extensive experience into a flourishing freelance practice. My name is well-known in the trade publishing world for the quality of submissions by authors I have worked with. I have helped hundreds of authors write a well-crafted novel. Hundreds more have written, with my guidance, distinctive nonfiction books. That experience could be put to work for you.

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