Nonfiction Portfolio

One advantage of being a book doctor is that I have worked on a wide array of books. Editors and agents in many fields of nonfiction have sought out my editing skills. Strong organization is primary among them, from putting together a cohesive paragraph to compiling a chapter that continues to build toward its ending. I take pride in my in-depth editing, working sentence by sentence, so that each one is clear and concise. This skill is supplemented by ghostwriting, a service that can expand all the way to writing the entire book. After working in trade publishing for so long, I have a strong grasp of the marketplace, which means where exactly your book will fit on the bookshelf.

The basic areas in which I help nonfiction authors are: developmental editing, line editing, proposals, and ghostwriting. Each of these addresses a different need in the world of nonfiction. You can contract for one or multiple services. Each book is different, and the editing is tailored to what you want.

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