Nowadays, most nonfiction books are sold to publishers in the form of a marketing document known as a proposal. Acquisition editors are extremely busy, and they do not have the time to read every submission in full. That’s why a strong proposal is key to selling your book. Editors often would prefer to see only a sample of the writing, in a section of the proposal called the Sample Chapter(s). Equally as important is a detailed outline of the entire book, written in paragraph form, known as the Chapter Summaries section. Other important sections include the opening Overview, and the Promotion and Competition sections.

With my extensive knowledge of the marketplace, I help authors write proposals that sell. I can guide you through the difficult process of deciding what goes where in the book’s outline. I’ll show you the distinctive marketing features of the book that you should highlight. Depending on the author’s preference, I can edit each section of the proposal or write it entirely. By the end, the proposal will become a powerful selling tool that can earn a good advance before you've even finished the book.

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