Line Editing

Line editing is a skill learned only through long practice. The proficiency gained over the course of more than 500 line-edited books can be put to work in shaping your manuscript. Line editing is what it sounds like, sharpening and tightening prose line-by-line so it gains its maximum impact. I am a very skilled line editor, having originally established my reputation with it. Certain major publishers hire me solely for this expertise.

In nonfiction writing, I transform passive sentence construction (“there is,” “it is”) into strong sentences with active verbs. Redundancy, or repetition, is another common area in which editing is vital. Less effective words and sentences are pruned out or reworded. Professional language is made reader-friendly. I also will substitute fresh vocabulary for words and phrases used too often. Topic paragraphs and transitions from one section to the next are inserted, subject to the author's approval. In skilled hands, the prose of any book can remain fresh and exciting throughout.

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