Here is a partial list of edited books in this category:

7 Kinds of Smart: Identifying and Developing Your Multiple Intelligences
Thomas Armstrong
The Feeling Good Handbook
David Burns
You Can Feel Good Again: Common-Sense Strategies for Releasing Unhappiness and Changing Your Life
Richard Carlson
The Immune Power Personality: 7 Traits You Can Develop to Stay Healthy
Henry Dreher
How Babies Talk: The Magic and Mystery of Language in the First Three Years of Life
Roberta Golinkoff and Kathryn Hirsch-Pasek
Choose Yourself: A Journey Toward Personal Fulfillment for Women
Nicole LaBeach
George Leonard
Masculinity Reconstructed: Changing the Rules of Manhood—At Work, in Relationships, and in Family Life
Ronald F. Levant
The Sex Lives of Teenagers
Lynn Ponton
When Food Is Love, Breaking Free of Compulsive Eating
Geneen Roth

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